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Our free online games can be played on PC, tablet or mobile with no downloads, purchases or disruptive video ads. Have fun!

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Critter Klondike Klondike Solitaire game featuring CritterCraft themed cards!
Solitaire Traditional Klondike Solitaire with an undo button, no time limit and 'double click to move'.
Mahjong Titans Play the popular and challenging classic mahjong solitaire game.
Tripeaks Solitaire Traditional and new layouts using a 52 card deck. Tap cards one higher or lower to clear.
Draggy Towers A superb Match 3 Tower Defense Game!
Wording Daily challenge: find as many words as possible!
3D Mahjong Tower A 3D Mahjong game using all 144 traditional mahjong tiles!
Mahjong Classic gameplay with HD tiles. Clear the board without using shuffles to score a 'perfect game'.
Mahjong Titans (Easy) An easier version of Mahjong Titans with increased win odds and device compatibility.
Fill Maze Fill the level with color in this exceeding satisfying puzzle game.
Pyramid Solitaire Find pairs that add to 13 and clear the board. Classic and alternative layouts to choose from.
Tap Tap Boom Solve physics puzzles by tapping to place 2 bombs.
Golf Solitaire Clear the screen by tapping cards one higher or lower.
Neon Drift Just drive to a pulsing synthwave soundtrack.
2048 Physics A merge game with a physics twist, can you make a 2048 circle?
Jewel Hunt 2 Classic match 3 gameplay with powerups and 40 levels to beat.
Jewel Pop A sweet match 3 game with interesting levels and power-ups!
Shooting Balls Fire a stream of balls to eliminate the descending shapes.
Super Brick Ball Shoot bursts of 50 balls to destroy the bricks across 90 levels.
Raccoon Rescue Bubble Shooter Rescue Raccoons against the clock in this cute bubble shooter.
Bubble Shooter Levels How many levels can you pass in this fun bubble shooter?
Dupeacator Survive and duplicate!
Bouncing Balls A popular classic flash game now ported to HTML5.
Mahjong Flowers A beautiful mahjong solitaire game with 150 puzzles to solve!
2 Deck Tripeaks Bigger Tripeaks levels using 2 decks of cards. Tap cards one higher or lower to clear.
Bubble Shooter Aim carefully and fire at the matching bubbles. How many can you pop?
Cats and Hats A whimsical puzzle game where players match colorful hats with adorable cats.
Lines Down Place shapes to create rows and eliminate them.
Golf Solitaire (Arcade) A simple and fun version of golf solitaire featuring jokers and score streaks.
Slice Fruit Get in touch with your inner ninja and slice the flying fruit
Sum of 10 Solitaire Tap pairs that add up to 10. A fun way to exercise your mind and practice number bonds/addition!
Mahjong Classic A Mahjong Solitaire game with multiple boards to choose from.
Hex Pipes Relaxing yet taxing. Rotate the pipes on hexagon tiles to gain access to the water below.
Sudoku Sudoku is a challenging brain game which is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.
Tangrams Improve your spatial comprehension by solving these tangram puzzles.
Tripeaks Castle Clear the castle by tapping cards one higher or lower than the active card
2k Shoot A bubble shooting merge game. Can you make a 2k bubble?
Basket Slide Just slide the ball in to the basket. How hard can it be?
Pop Pop Candies Pop all the matching candies and clear the screen within the time limit.
13 in 1 Solitaire Collection Play 13 different variations of solitaire. Can you beat them all?
Mordle.io Multiplayer word solving inspired by wordle. [LINK]
Brick Bash 2 Steer the paddle and bash the balls through 45 new levels. Interesting power ups!
Daily Tap Blocks 9 new puzzles daily. How many days can you keep your streak?
Maya Bubbles Embark on a bubble shooting expedition to find ancient treasure.
Reversi Jump over your opponents disks to claim them as your own. Play vs the computer or a friend.
ZomBubblez Dodge, shoot and use power-ups to take down the menacing Zombubblez!
Egypt Pyramid Solitaire Match pairs with the sum of thirteen to clear all 40 Egyptian themed levels.
Match Drop Tap like colored groups of gems to eliminate them in this relaxing casual game.
Daily Word Search Exercise your vocabulary and pattern recognition skills every day. Print or play online.
Neonjong 3D A fun 3D Mahjong game.
Kings Klondike A special Klondike Solitaire variant with two decks and revealed cards.
Balls v Squares Fire a column of balls at the squares to eliminate them.
Simon Says Exercise your short term memory by repeating the sequence of colors.
Spider Solitaire Play classic Spider Solitaire with 1, 2 or 4 suits. The more suits the trickier it gets!
Unfold 3: Bomb Puzzles Unfold the tiles to fill each puzzle. Now featuring bombs!
More Mahjong Can you complete all 36 tables in this casual Mahjong Solitaire game?
Match Solitaire 2 A creative new solitaire game by Gaz Thomas.
2048 Solitaire Place like cards on top of each other to merge them and increase their value. Can you create a 2...
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About FreeGames.org

Hi, my name is Gaz, welcome to my website. I've been developing free games and websites since 2006. My previous site, TheGameHomepage.com, was visited by 65 million people. I've also developed over a hundred web games and they've been played somewhere around a billion times! I picked up some cool awards along the way including a Guinness World Record and a BAFTA Special Commendation. What started as a hobby has turned in to my passion and over the past fourteen years I've learned a lot about web games. I've used this experience along with some new ideas to make this website, FreeGames.org, my fresh take on a free game website. With this project there are a number of things that I set out to achieve:

1. Genuinely Free 😄

In-app purchases and micro-transactions have become the norm in free games these days, withholding content or frustrating you to try and make you buy power-ups. It seems the catch for playing free games is that they will use every trick in the book to make you pay - often many times more than you would pay for a game outright. This strategy works and some people are spending huge amounts of money on their favorite games over time without realizing how much it has added up. All of the games on this website are complete full games with no in-game purchases whatsoever. All of our games and all of their content is 100% free - no exceptions!

2. Online 🌐

Apps have been the most popular way to play casual games for a while now. I think there are some compelling reasons to give online games another shot though. For instance it can be tiresome installing and deleting many apps to find the game you want. It can be a drag waiting for them to install when you just want to quickly play something new. They can fill up your device. They can only be played on one type of device (iPhone, Android etc.). Online Games solve all of these problems. I'm not saying that online games should replace apps - I think there are great reasons for both and they can happily exist alongside each other 🧡

3. On any Device 📱

I wanted to create a consistent experience across all devices. Often web games will only work on computers and if you visit on a mobile device they don't play. Other times if you visit the website on desktop then mobile you are presented with completely different games. I wanted to make a consistent experience on any device so if you play a fun game on your computer in the afternoon you can come back later on your phone to play it in bed. Or you want to show a friend you can pull it up on their tablet. All of the games on the homepage of this site are compatible on any device.

4. Scale to your Screen Size 👀

It is frustrating when you are trying to play a game but its size is completely different to your screen. All the games on FreeGames.org scale to fit any size screen so you can enjoy them on any device.

5. Fast Loading ⚡

I want players to be able to click (or tap) and play instantly. That's why I've used the latest cloud hosting technology to serve it all over the world from a location near you. I've also worked hard with site optimizations to make everything work as fast as possible. This is another advantage of removing video adverts as it means you can start playing your chosen game much faster or try out many different games to find a good one without watching an advert each time.

6. User Feedback 💭

I continuously update this website with new games and improvements. Rather than guess or assume what you want I have a secret weapon - I ask! You will notice feedback buttons and often short surveys popping up around the site. If you have any thoughts, issues or ideas don't keep them to yourself - let me know. I read every piece of feedback submitted and use it all to help decide what changes and features to implement to both the website and games.

7. No Downloads 👍

All of our titles can be played instantly with no need to download. Why fill up your phone or laptop with downloaded games you aren't even sure you will like yet when you can play them like this?

8. Wholesome / Family Friendly 👪

This website is family friendly. The games here have been selected/developed with the aim to create a positive experience that is appropriate for all ages.

9. The Best Games 🏆

Last on my list and most important of all is great games. I develop and hunt down the most fun games for you to play.

Hopefully these features will mean that you have a good experience on FreeGames.org. If you have any comments please do feel free to get in contact with me. You can do so via my contact form or facebook page. Last of all I'll leave you with my project motto which I have stuck on the wall next to my computer:

"Create the best free games website for the players"

Thank you for reading my manifesto and for using FreeGames.org. Have fun!

❤️ Gaz Thomas (website creator)

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