By Dr. Serkan Toto – On Japan's Game Industry

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By Dr. Serkan Toto – On Japan's Game Industry


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Japan’s Mobile Gaming Market Grows To US$12 Billion


Japan’s Mobile Content Forum (MCF), an industry association, just reported that Japan’s market size for mobile games has reached the equivalent of US$12 billion in 2021. (Due to the recent and drastic yen-dollar currency fluctuation*, the sum in US$ is smaller than last year.) The...

The Pokemon Company Sees Another Record Financial Year


According to a filing (JP) in the Japanese government’s official gazette, The Pokemon Company has seen yet another record financial year. And the numbers are staggering. For the fiscal that ended on February 28 this year, The Pokemon Company reported (numbers rounded): Sales: 204 billion yen...

Japan’s Blockchain Gaming Industry: A Primer


Even before establishing my consultancy Kantan Games, I have been active in the Japanese game industry since around 2008 – and a lot has happened since that time. Now, here is what I believe is one of the first comprehensive overviews in English on Japan’s blockchain gaming industry...



It was interesting to see that one of my publicly stated predictions for the game industry in 2022 generated so much buzz it actually started trending on global Twitter over the last days. International news coverage was crazy, too. The background: game industry news siteGamesIndustry.bizasked...

By Dr. Serkan Toto – On Japan's Game Industry