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From Bandai Namco: Wizardry – The Demon Tower Wars Gets First Trailer


About 2 weeks ago, Bandai Namco revealed it is working on the first social game based on the popular Wizardry RPG series (which is especially popular in Japan).

Dubbed “Wizardry – The Demon Tower Wars”, the F2P title is still scheduled to hit iPhone/iPod touch next month – in Japan, at least (note: it won’t use the Mobage or GREE platforms).

But earlier this week, Bandai Namco revealed a number of new facts about the game. The company says that “The Demon Tower Wars” is an entirely new entry in the Wizardry series (it’s not based on an earlier version) and takes place on an island called Oltana.

Players are to create parties, train their characters and lead them to capture the treasures hidden in the Demon Tower.

Here are some early screenshots:

wizardry The Demon Tower Wars

wizardry The Demon Tower Wars 2 wizardry The Demon Tower Wars 3

Bandai Namco also updated the official site and released a first trailer for The Demon Tower Wars:

More information (in English) on the release can be found here.

Via Social Game Info

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By Dr. Serkan Toto – On Japan's Game Industry