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Colopl Releases Oculus Rift Version Of Mobile Hit “White Cat Project” (Shironeko VR Project)


The Oculus Rift boastsa rabid fan base in Japan, with many users over here setting up communities, organizing events all over the country, and, of course, developing applications for the VR system.

Quite surprisingly,Colopl(3668), one of Japan’s biggest mobile game makers (US$3 billion market cap), is one of these developers.

The company just released Shironeko VR Project (White Cat VR Project) on the Oculus platform (DK2), a special VR version of its mobile game mega hit White Cat Project.

Said app has been downloaded in Japan over 25 million times since release in July 2014and is a pretty great action adventure – in 3D.

About the White Cat VR Project, Colopl explains:

COLOPL’s biggest RPG Shironeko Project has been reborn with Oculus Rift functionality as Shironeko VR Project. Leap into the virtual reality world of Shironeko!

Completely remade for the Oculus Rift.
We gave Shironeko Project a comprehensive overhaul to make playing it more intuitive and exhilarating. Use flashy attacks and extravagant skills to wipe out your foes!

A 360 degree view in every scene.
To fully immerse you in this fantasy world, every location of the game is fully realized in 3D. You may be surprised by what you see when you turn around!

Fight titanic bosses.
There are over ten different bosses, each large enough to fill the screen. Do your best to dodge their attacks and take them down!

Befriend unique characters of six different styles.
Each characters fights with a certain style: swordsman, lancer, warrior, archer, brawler, or mage. Build your party to fit your situation and strike out into the unknown! Every time you finish a quest, another popular character will join your cause.

Wear headphones to fully enjoy the 3D sound.
Shironeko VR Project features 3D sound, so use headphones to take the immersion to another level!

Completely free of charge.
There are no pay walls or in-game purchasing. Enjoy all of the content for free!

Here are some screenshots:

Colopl 3668 colopad white cat project 5 Colopl 3668 colopad white cat project 4 Colopl 3668 colopad white cat project 3

Colopl also developed a special mobileappfor the VR game, which lets users control their characters with their iPhone or Android devices via Wi-Fi. The Android version is already out, with iOS announced to follow soon.

Colopl calls the control interface“Colopad”:

Colopl 3668 colopad white cat project 2 Colopl 3668 colopad white cat project

Again, the VR game can be downloaded here.

What’s interesting is thatShironeko VR Project is actually Colopl’s second Oculus title. The company released a “marksman” game for the system in August last year (download).

Shironeko VR Project looks much more ambitious, however, and it’s probably not the final game for Oculus coming from Colopl: the company is currently looking for Oculus Rift app developers on its website.

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By Dr. Serkan Toto – On Japan's Game Industry