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Pokemon Company’s Net Profit Jumps 50% To US$124 Million


The Japanese government’s Official Gazette just released details onThe Pokemon Company‘s financials for its 21st year in business.

According to the gazette, net profit jumped to a handsome US$124 million in the financial year that ended on February 28, 2019 (via Kanpo Blog).

In 2018, net profit reached around US$81 million, meaning the number jumped by just over 50% year-on-year (100 yen translated to US$0.91 last year when I converted currencies – vs US$0.92 today).

Revenue is undisclosed. Profit from shopping subsidiary Pokemon Center (a separate but wholly owned entity) is not included.

The US$124 million marks the second highest net profit for The Pokemon Company in its existence.

The last number includes continuing profit from Pokemon Go but also from Pokemon: Let’s Go, which was launched in November 2018 on the Nintendo Switch and sold around 11 million copies so far.

The current financial year (which started on March 1) will likely include the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield on the Switch later in 2019 and licensing contributions from the movie Detective Pikachu.

The Pokemon Company also plans a new mobile game with DeNA (2432) as well as new services such as Pokemon Home or Pokemon Sleep.

Nintendo(7974) controls 32% of voting rights in The Pokemon Company and receives an undisclosed amount of its profits.

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By Dr. Serkan Toto – On Japan's Game Industry