Although the launch of Anthem has been plagued with bugs, many players are still enjoying the experience the looter shooter has to offer them. For one devoted player, a Redditor known as Darthchrisshaw, this means having logged over 80 hours in BioWare’s latest title in order to receive their first legendary weapon. Despite their devotion, Darthchrisshaw lost the weapon due to a force field preventing the player from getting to the chest.

Many were quick to point out that there is a way to respawn at the chest to prevent this from happening, but also that this is a design flaw. In reply, Anthem developer Ben Irving addressed this issue in particular. Irving immediately opened up with an apology “for a terrible player experience that I am directly responsible for.” This accountability is something that many took note of right away, thanking Irving for his admittance and reply.

Afterward, Irving went on to explain the issue and how BioWare is working to fix it. He states that as of the next patch, the “backtracking fog walls” in the Temple of Scar and Heart of Rage strongholds will be disabled. Fog Walls to prevent players from going too far forward will remain in place, but by removing these backtracking walls, Irving anticipates that the Anthem fan will “almost never run into this again.” According to Irving, this will make its way into Anthem alongside bug squashes and QOL changes.

As touched on previously, bringing up the map and holding down the left stick forces a respawn, which is something Irving also brought up as a way to try to prevent this from happening to the Anthem player prior to the forthcoming patch. He ends by admitting his fault once again, revealing that this was an explanation, not an excuse, and promising to do better by this player and the community. Irving ultimately concludes that he wants to win the trust back of his players.

After 80+ hours my first legendary drop locked behind force field. I am so done with Anthem the first 30 hours were great since then… grind and glitches. from AnthemTheGame

While many are disappointed by the launch of Anthem, many more have been concerned with how BioWare has approached these fixes, with several insisting that the company was turning a deaf ear to its community despite stated claims to be listening. Perhaps this will be a turning point, though, with Anthem and its community continuing to grow from here. For now, we can only wait and hope that Anthem becomes everything its fans and BioWare hope for it to be.

Anthem is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit