Several months ago, Anthem Executive Producer Mark Darrah declared why there will be no PvP in the forthcoming action-RPG at launch. Since then, though, Lead Producer Mike Gamble has said that it could be introduced at some point in the future should the feature somehow manage to fall in line with BioWare’s overall vision for the game. With this being the case, many have been wondering how PvP would operate if it ever does get added.

We recently had a chance to sit down with Darrah and ask him what kind of requirements would be necessary in order for PvP to make its way into Anthem, as the game is currently a PvE-focused experience. Regarding the issue, the Executive Producer laid out the case that should a PvP component ever get incorporated, certain stipulations related to the different Javelin classes would have to be altered in some way, or there would have to be specialized modes of some kind.

“If we were to introduce PvP in the future, there would have to be other criteria where we could narrow that realm [of Javelin abilities]. So that either means a mode where everyone’s a Storm, or everyone has to be the same Javelin, or a mode where gear is restricted in some way.

“We wouldn’t want to do it where we restrict gear for the game as a whole, because that just degrades the PvP experience in the service of PvP. If we were to add a PvP experience in the future, we would want it to be connected to the experience you’re having in PvP, but somehow restrained to allow that balance to come in.”


Of course, while PvP enthusiasts will likely be excited about the possibilities that could come about if the feature is added, it must be stressed that Darrah’s scenarios for how PvP could work in Anthem is far from confirmation that it will actually be included post-launch. After all, excluding PvP altogether would allow BioWare to further focus its efforts on making it stand out from competitors such as Destiny and The Division.

Taking everything here into account, with the way in which digital content can be distributed almost instantaneously, and with developers able to make changes in games on the fly thanks to updates and patches, Anthem could see PvP added if BioWare decides it’s worth including. Until then, though, it’s safe to say that plenty of fans are simply excited about the fact that Anthem‘s VIP Demo is set to go live soon and will give them a better idea of how the game will play.

Anthem is scheduled to release on February 22, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.