Before Apex Legends launched back in February, developer Respawn Entertainment voiced its desire to eventually add Titans into its new battle royale game. Given Apex Legends resides in the Titanfall universe, coupled with a live service model designed to provide frequent updates and content add-ons over time, this approach seemed like a viable one. However after months of trial and error, the development team has reached its breaking point.

Just weeks ahead of the second season for Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment has confirmed it is no longer looking to add Titans into the game. The desire to add both the powerful mechs and wall-running mechanics of Titanfall‘s multiplayer has been known for the past few months, however due to balancing issues, the ambition of the former to be included has been placed on a permanent hold.

This is unfortunate news for fans of the Titanfall franchise who’ve moved over to Respawn’s latest game. A major problem the developer discussed is that in Titanfall‘s multiplayer modes, using a Titan was supposed to make players feel more powerful. However with the rules of multiplayer changing with the presentation of battle royale, Respawn has been unable to find a solution that makes using the giant mechs both powerful and balanced. Thankfully, the release of Apex Legends did lead to a noticeable increase in active Titanfall 2 players for a brief while, showing there’s still life in the 2016 first-person shooter that offers playable mechs.

apex legends confirmed wont have titans

Apex Legends isn’t the only game that has or would have dealt with balancing issues when adding an overpowered character. When Fortnite first crossed over with Avengers in 2018 to make Thanos playable during its timed Infinity Gauntlet event, the character went through a considerable number of balancing updates to make sure gameplay was still fair amongst all players. It looks as though Titans would have been a permanent addition to Apex Legends if Respawn had continued with the idea, but it appears for now that the game’s second season, Battle Charge, is a higher priority for the team.

Apex Legends is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Season 2, titled “Battle Charge”, begins on July 2nd.

Source: GameInformer

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