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Recent articles by mylku Staff to host non-violent games panel at EGX Rezzed

Ustwo Games, Aardman, Nyamyam and Quantum Soup will discuss making killer games that don't involve killing

By mylku Staff

The Podcast: Does E3 need PlayStation?

In this special episode, we share our thoughts on the potential fallout of Sony's decision to skip the year's biggest games showcase

By mylku Staff

The Podcast: Do we need a Switch Pro in 2020?

Latest episode available to download now, also discusses the 'difficulty' of animating women and Pokémon's DLC plans

By mylku Staff

Developer Terry Cavanagh releases VVVVVV source code

Creator makes code for both desktop and mobile versions available for free on game's tenth anniversary

Jobs Roundup: Emily Short takes over as creative director at Failbetter Games

Meanwhile, there's a new head of production at MAG Interactive and a new managing director at Flavourworks

By mylku Staff

Steam soundtracks now sold separately

Users no longer need to purchase and install base game to buy music, multiple quality versions offered

The Podcast: What do we want to see in 2020?

Join us for a speculative look at the year ahead in our latest episode, available to download now

By mylku Staff

Games of the Year 2019

Our favourite games of the year ranged from epic adventures to innovative indie games - plus a couple of Switch hits

By mylku Staff

The Podcast: Games of the Year 2019

Download the latest episode now to find out which games have most impressed the editorial team this year

By mylku Staff

People of the Year 2019

From charity pioneers and environmental movements to legendary designers and AAA studios, our choices reflect the depth and breadth of the modern games industry

By mylku Staff

The Podcast: Toxicity, Nintendo, and Shovelware

Razer's CEO accused of abusive behaviour, Nintendo defies expectations, and farewell to shovelware

By mylku Staff

The Podcast: How unconscious bias is holding back the industry

This week the team discuss the dangers of unconscious bias, the benefits of diversity, and the slow progress of virtual reality

By mylku Staff

The Podcast: Here to Stadia

This week's episode is a bumper pack of industry chat about Google Stadia, Half-Life: Alyx, and missing Pokémon

By mylku Staff

The Podcast: Live from X019

Latest episode discusses the biggest announcement from Xbox's event -- technically, before they happened

By mylku Staff

The Podcast: What role will indies play on PlayStation 5?

We also discuss how Overwatch 2 could present a new model for sequels, and pay homage to the Nintendo Wii

By mylku Staff

The Podcast: The mixed messages of Modern Warfare

Latest episode also discusses the ongoing AAA shift towards live service games, and what we can expect from PlayStation 10

By mylku Staff

Jobs Roundup: Antstream Arcade taps CNN vets for CMO, CDO roles

Remer Rietkerk hired at Newzoo as head of esports, Jagex picks up multiple new project leads

By mylku Staff

The Podcast: Gods, Monsters, and Delays

On this week's episode, the team discuss game delays, Google Stadia, and Jurassic Park: Trespasser

By mylku Staff

The Podcast: Should Nintendo go third-party? And other questions

Listen to the discussion from our panel at EGX 2019, where we answered consumer questions about the state of the industry

By mylku Staff

Check out the Career Fair line-up

Plus, the developers who will be conducting portfolio reviews

By mylku Staff

Here's everything is doing at EGX

Investment Summit, Careers Fair, dedicated industry zone, panels and more coming to London's ExCeL this week

By mylku Staff

The Podcast: Can Blizzard recover from Blitzchung?

We discuss the wider impact of the backlash against the World of Warcraft publisher

By mylku Staff

The Podcast: Welcome to the Fampany

Ustwo Games faces union busting allegations, Video Game Tax Relief in the UK under fire, and who else forgot about PlayStation Now?

By mylku Staff

The Podcast: A tale of two Nintendos

Nintendo nails the Switch Lite but leaves people scratching their heads with Mario Kart Tour

By mylku Staff

Tickets now on sale for EGX Industry Party 2019

Event returns to London on Thursday, October 17

By mylku Staff

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