Set to launch on April 26, Days Gone is the first big PS4 exclusive of 2019. And not only is it “big” in terms of budget and scope, but it appears to be rather large in terms of file size as well, requiring at least 67GB of install space.

Days Gone‘s massive file size shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone who has played triple-A games on this current generation of consoles. Many games have had massive file sizes similar to the 67GB Days Gone file size, and some have required even more space than Days Gone. These huge file sizes may inconvenience gamers that haven’t upgraded their PS4’s storage capacity, but at least knowing what the file size is in advance gives them the time to clear some space.

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that the 67GB install doesn’t include the Days Gone day one patch. Details on the day one patch are light, but those that decide to buy the physical copy of the game will likely need to reserve even more than 67GB to accommodate for it. We don’t know the size of the day one patch, but we do know that it will look to squash some lingering bugs plaguing the open world zombie game.

days gone file size revealed and it's huge

Since Days Gone is an open world game, its large file size makes sense. Something else that could be influencing its file size is the game’s ability to display hundreds, if not thousands, of zombies (or Freakers as Bend Studio likes to call them) on-screen at one time. There’s no denying that Days Gone is a big game with some complicated game mechanics and so it’s fitting that it has a large file size to match.

Days Gone is also looking to be a somewhat lengthy game, which also contributes to its 67GB file size. According to the developers, just focusing on the main story in the game will take at least 30 hours, and there will be at least six hours of cut-scenes in Days Gone. Assuming the game is consistently entertaining throughout its lengthy adventure, fans could be getting their money’s worth and then some with Days Gone.

With Days Gone set to launch in less than two weeks, fans won’t have to wait much longer to find out if it lives up to the hype.

Days Gone will launch on April 26, exclusively for the PS4.

Source: PlayFront

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