In the wake of the news that future Destiny games will be self-published by Bungie as the developer splits from its franchise deal with publisher Activision, Blizzard says that BattleNet will continue to support Destiny 2 on PC. In a statement today, Activision and Bungie said that both companies would be working together to transition the Destiny franchise seamlessly, and it appears that part of that will be to make sure that the current sequel gets full support on BattleNet.

Blizzard tweeted out the confirmation of support assuring those playing Destiny 2 on PC that the split between Bungie and Activision will have no impact on the current game.

Having Destiny 2 on BattleNet was a big deal for Bungie back when it was announced prior to the launch of the game, with Blizzard and Activision giving the game strong support as a Destiny game launched for the first time on PC with the sequel. In fact, Destiny 2 was the only non-Blizzard game at its launch to be featured on BattleNet.

Obviously, while BattleNet will continue to support Destiny 2 because the game was published by Activision, it’s highly unlikely that Destiny 3 or future games will stay on BattleNet. With Bungie going the self-publishing route, it’s likely that the franchise will move towards other, more open online services such as Steam.

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While it’s unknown just how long Destiny 2‘s lifespan will be, the game’s Annual Pass will cover add-on content to the fall of this year. One analyst says that Destiny 3 will launch in 2020, and that would be Bungie’s first self-published Destiny game. Based on how things went with the player population in Destiny 1 when Destiny 2 came out, it’s likely that the vast majority of players will jump over to Destiny 3 and leave Destiny 2 behind rather quickly. It’s unknown how long BattleNet will continue to support Destiny 2, if at all, once Destiny 3 launches, but for now, the game and its players are still set to get the service’s full support.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Blizzard

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