Earlier this week marked the launch of the Black Armory update for Destiny 2, something that Bungie has been careful to not compare to a traditional expansion like Warmind or Forsaken. Instead of adding a chunk of new content and story missions on day 1, Black Armory acts more as the starting point for a content cycle like the replayable activities known as Lost Forges. For most players, these events are difficult due to the higher than normal power level requirements. However, one Guardian has proven that with a little skill and luck, it’s possible to solo.

Taking on the Volundr Forge in Destiny 2‘s European Dead Zone, Esoterickk posted a video showing off how it’s possible to completely solo the experience. Taking a 632 power level Voidwalker Warlock with the Devour ability and the Karnstein Armlets was key for survivability during phase two, which Esoterickk admitted gave him the most trouble. The Karnstein Armlets has a great synergy with Voidwalkers thanks to its exotic perk which immediately restores a large amount of health and then continues to regenerate beyond that after a melee kill.

According to Esoterickk, each phase represented a different challenge in terms of tactics. Phase one featured the most basic of enemy types, which made the left side of the level ideal for clearing them out quickly and picking up the 20 batteries needed to charge the forge.

Phase two posed the biggest threat due to the large numbers of Phalanxes and Gladiators in an enclosed space. Grenades were key in this phase, even through all of the deaths and the numerous close calls with the mission timer.

Surprisingly, Phase 3 wasn’t nearly as hard as a pattern emerged that could be exploited even though the enemy levels increased. Once again, the left side of the level features a safe spot behind a rock that makes the fight a lot easier.

detiny 2 lost forge volundr forge

Not everyone has been a fan of the Black Armory update, with many lamenting the fact that they could not even participate in the activities on day 1 due to the higher level requirements and difficulty. To its credit, Bungie has responded to the feedback with the Forge power levels a day after the first went live.

Players reported that each phase of the Volundr Forge had its Power Level requirement lowered by five points. While that may not mean much for players stuck at 600 and lower, the rapid response to address some of the player’s frustrations is a welcomed sight, especially from a company that has taken its fair share of criticisms in the past for not communicating well with its players.

Destiny 2: Black Armory is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit