Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 doesn’t officially release until Friday but early access edition owners are already digging through Ubisoft’s loot-based shooter. For most, the focus is on gaining XP quickly and reaching endgame, but some players have found a few secrets while exploring the world.

One such secret lets Division 2 players take on a Hunter, one of the elite enemies added to the first Division late in its life cycle. These enemies are the game’s version of AI “players” – they are relentless, strong, use gadgets, and are not afraid to heal.

To face off with one of the Hunters in Division 2, players will need to find a specific light that is east of the Jefferson Memorial mission. The hanging light needs to be shot to trigger the appearance of the Hunter.

division 2 hunter fight map

division 2 hunter fight

As with any Hunter fight, players should go in well prepared. The Hunter is level 35, so even those at endgame level are going to be in for a fight. We highly recommend refilling on armor kits and taking armor repair skills since the Hunter will render most offensive skills useless by EMP.

Beating the Hunter rewards its mask, which should be familiar to Division 1 veterans. It’s a unique cosmetic item and one that players will likely want to seek out, assuming they are prepared for the challenge.

division 2 hunter mask loot

As far as how players found this hidden boss, one Division 2 community member noted a map in the game with a crescent moon and an X symbol with the phrase, “X marks the spot.” Apparently, that message means that a tough enemy can be summoned from that spot.

While The Division 1 wasn’t known for hiding many secrets, it appears that Ubisoft is trying to pack Division 2’s Washington D.C. with as much content as possible. There is certainly a lot to do in the game an apparently even more content that is not made obvious. And Ubisoft hasn’t even talked about raids yet.

The Division 2 officially releases March 15, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.