During Monday’s Square Enix E3 2019 press conference, fans got their most extensive look yet at Final Fantasy 7 Remake, with the developer putting the Final Fantasy 7 Remake combat system, Tifa’s design, and more on the big stage. However, one thing that was not covered during the presentation was exactly how many parts there will be to the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and it appears that this information was not released because it remains unknown to the development team itself.

Today, Jason Schreier, a well respected news editor at Kotaku, indicated on Twitter that he had asked Yoshinori Kitase, the producer behind Final Fantasy 7 Remake, about how many games the remake will consist of when it is complete. Kitase responded with the suggestion that he could not answer this type of question due to one very specific reason, saying “we don’t know ourselves.” Indeed, while progress is certainly being made on the first part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, what the future holds for the game in full does not seem to be so clear.

For those that may be unaware, Final Fantasy 7 Remake will have a multi-part release, with the full game launching, over time, as a number of discrete episodes. Since the announcement of this episodic release structure, many have been wondering how many parts Final Fantasy 7 Remake will have, and it appears that Square may currently be wondering the very same thing.

Additionally, some fans have been curious about what the individual Final Fantasy 7 Remake parts will cover, and a more extensive article from Schreier addresses this as well. Specifically, it is stated that the first Final Fantasy 7 Remake game will focus “on Midgar and what happens in Midgar.” This, again, comes directly from Kitase, and it is in line with what some fans have predicted might be the case.

For those that are most excited to get their hands on Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the idea that Square does not have a concrete plan for the full game’s release may be somewhat troubling. While Kitase indicates that the second part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is already being planned, it does seem that players should plan to exercise patience when it comes to the complete release of this highly anticipated remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake will launch on March 3, 2020 for PS4.

Source: Kotaku

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