Leaks leading up to E3 2019 continue to drop, with just hours left before press conferences begin. The latest leak comes from prominent leaker Sabi, who has news about a Square Enix game that many fans have been wanting to hear for a very long time. According to the leak, a Final Fantasy 8 remaster is planned to be announced during E3 2019, likely during Square Enix’s press conference on Monday, June 10, at 6:00 pm PT.

Final Fantasy 8, for those unfamiliar, is one of the few remaining main franchise Final Fantasy games not to have been remastered or updated for either mobile devices or modern platforms. The closest it’s received is a 2000 port to PC, which is still available on Steam. Given the modern remake of Final Fantasy 7 and a series of Final Fantasy Nintendo Switch ports being announced, Final Fantasy 8 has quickly become a highly remanded remaster for the modern generation.

Perhaps the most pressing question is just what kind of update Square Enix might be planning for Final Fantasy 8, if the remaster rumor is true at all. Square Enix’s recent ports have been heavily criticized for using old versions of the games scrapped together for new platforms. That could certainly be the case with Final Fantasy 8, if Square Enix chooses simply to release the PC port launched in 2000 with updated textures. While modern audiences likely wouldn’t say no to an updated version of the game, such a simple port would still be disappointing given the potential for a more heavy-handed remaster.

Needless to say, no matter the details, a remastered version of Final Fantasy 8 is exciting. The tale of Squall and Seifer, of Rinoa and Ultimecia, of Galbadia and the Dollet Dukedom, is one worth acknowledging alongside Final Fantasy 7 and all of the other great games in the franchise.

final fantasy 8 rinoa meets squall

Final Fantasy 8 fans will find out the truth of the rumor over the coming days as E3 begins. Square Enix’s press conference seems like the most logical option for the announcement, which will run on Monday at 6:00 pm PT. It’s also possible that the announcement will be made during Xbox’s E3 2019 press conference today at 1:00  pm PT, but is unlikely unless it’s a major remake caliber of quality. Expect official word from Square Enix soon.

Final Fantasy 8 is available on the original PlayStation and PC.

Source: Sabi

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