Fortnite undoubtedly makes a ton of money off of selling emotes, but the game’s use of what looks like rapper 2 Milly‘s signature move may actually result in an opposite effect for Epic Games. After stewing over whether to pursue legal action against the developer, 2 Milly has now formally filed copyright charges against Epic Games for its use of what appears to be his own “Milly Rock” dance move.

The rapper’s Milly Rock move will be familiar to anyone who remembers the viral video of the same name from 2014, which centers around the unique dance choreography. Comparing the Milly Rock with the Fortnite emote in question, called “Swipe It,” make the similarities difficult to deny.

According to 2 Milly, he didn’t have an issue with his move being used in the game until he realized Epic Games was selling the emote and making a profit. The Swipe It emote is no longer available for purchase, but it can still be used by those who own it.

Fortnite artwork

2 Milly initially expressed concern over the matter in September, saying, “I just feel like the appropriate thing to do is compensate me with a fair amount for my addition to the game.” It’s worth noting that the amount of money Fortnite earns from optional in-game items like emotes is staggering. Of the over $1 billion dollars in sales Fortnite has made since its launch in September 2017, emotes surely make up a sizable percentage.

For that reason, 2 Milly isn’t the only artist who feels they deserve compensation. As it so happens, Chance the Rapper has also expressed his frustration with Epic Games’ business model when it comes to selling popular dance moves.

2 Milly’s lawsuit comes amid another potential legal battle stemming from a similar matter, as the creator of a popular meme referenced in Fortnite is also weighing action against Epic Games. The viral moth meme sweeping Instagram and other meme channels has surfaced in Fortnite as various purchasable items, and now the man behind the meme wants to be compensated for having snapped the original picture that inspired its creation.

Fortnite is available now for Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Legal Complaint Documents