As always, those who elect to purchase the season 7 Battle Pass in Fortnite will have access to some thematic skins, a few of which were teased prior to the launch of season 7. Before delving into what these new skins are, it’s worth mentioning that Fortnite players will need to purchase either the Battle Pass (950 V-Bucks) or the Battle Bundle (2800 V-Bucks), which comes with the first 25 tiers.

Of course, some of these skins will need to be leveled up before unlocking their final style, whereas others will require players to reach certain ranks on the Battle Pass. Still, the first tier of the Fortnite Battle Pass rewards players with the first stages of both Lynx and Zenith.

One major change worth highlighting comes with the progressive styles. While Lynx and Zenith progress with XP in the standard format up until higher tiers, Sgt. Winters and Ice King require players to do certain tasks in the new winter wonderland. So, without further ado, here are all season 7 skins and their various stages.

Lynx (Tier 1 Starter Skin)

fortnite season 7 starter skin lynx

fortnite season 7 skins lynx 2

fortnite season 7 lynx stage 3

After unlocking the above catlike uniform, players can still complete tasks to unlock different colors of the uniform. For completing 35 weekly challenges, players will unlock a red version of the above suit, and at 55 weekly challenges, players will unlock a wintry blue style.

Zenith (Tier 1 Starter Skin)

fortnite season 7 starter skin zenith
fortnite zenith full clothing color options
One again, after unlocking the full winter suit via XP, players can complete more tasks to get variants. Completing 25 weekly challenges will unlock the yellow version of the above suit, and 45 weekly challenges will gain players a sleek black suit.

Sgt. Winter (Tier 23)

fortnite season 7 santa skin

fortnite s7 sgt winters head variant

fortnite s7 sgt winter with llama head

Whereas color variants for Lynx and Zenith require weekly challenge completions, unlocking the above head variants for Sgt. Winter will require daily challenge completions. Since players only get 1 challenge per day in this manner, that means it can take some players (if they had no dailies when season 7 launched) up to 2 weeks.

Powder (Tier 47)

fortnite season 7 powder

Trog (Tier 71)

fortnite season 7 ice troll

Onesie (Tier 87)

fortnite onesie added to s7 battle pass

The Ice King (Tier 100)

fortnite ice king tier 100

fortnite red ice king

fortnite ice king progress

fortnite ice king progress gold

Maxing out the Ice King may very well be one of the most difficult challenges to come to Fortnite. It tasks players with outliving opponents, which doesn’t sound incredibly difficult considering the Red variant is only 1,000. However, the final gold Ice King requires players to outlive 25,000 players, with rough estimates for this number requiring 300-350+ matches.

To unlock this final form, players will want to max out their Battle Pass as soon as possible. For those Fortnite players beginning their grind on that, here’s where to find the Season 7 Week 1 Battle Star.

Fortnite is available now for Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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