Today, Ubisoft has just revealed that the Ghost Recon franchise will have a new entrant this October called Ghost Recon Breakpoint. In a franchise-first, players will find themselves on the defensive as they struggle to simply survive after their helicopter is shot down on a multi-region island home to Skell Technology. The Silicon Valley-style tech firm is a mass producer of drones (including the one that Twitch uses in Rainbow Six Siege), but the island has gone dark after being infiltrated by a former Ghost Team Leader named Cole Walker.

As the setting implies, players will face off against plenty of high-tech opponents as they take on Walker and find out what’s truly been unfolding on the island. Having to take on another Ghost isn’t the only franchise-first for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, though: Ubisoft has added plenty of brand new gameplay elements that include dialogue choices, drone-intensive combat, new survival elements, and raids.

The island setting of Auroa will host everything from snowy peaks and sandy beaches to jungles, deserts, and even a volcano. While players will be able to explore the island in its entirety from the very first minute of the game, it’s not where the end-game raid events will take place. According to creative director Eric Couzian, Ubisoft is creating a secondary island that will host all of the late-game raids.

“The raids are located on a specific island, and this one will be unlocked after a few days and depending on your level. But, all the rest of the world you can travel it is as you want. Wildlands were really something very strong and we kept the total freedom of choice. We don’t want to hinder the players or to block agents. At the very first minute of the game, you can travel where you want.”

The main narrative of the game will see players push back against the aforementioned Cole D. Walker, who first appears as an ally in Wildlands. He’s got a lot of history with the game’s protagonist, indicating that the building blocks are in place for an interesting storyline. In our talks with Couzian, he explains that the end-game raids will encompass their own separate narrative, and will focus around a character other than Walker.

“Every character you have heard about, you will meet them. There are also stories that are not even part of the main storyline, since we have a good structure that is based on several different paths. We have missions, we will be able to meet characters in the wild who have their own stories created to what’s happening in the game. Even the raids have their own storyline related to one of these characters. It’s quite detailed.”

While Ghost Recon Breakpoint will have a PVP element at launch, the raids will be a co-op only experience with players being able to team up as Ghost operatives Nomad, Fury, Vasily, and Fixit. Much like the rest of the game, they’ll then be able to select different classes to suit their playstyles. The game will launch with five different classes, which include sharpshooter, panther (stealth), and assault (run-and-gun). Couzian states that this number of classes will raise very shortly, with new classes arriving as post-launch content.

There will be a shared progression system for raids, allowing players to earn loot and rewards that they can take back to the island of Auroa when they return to the main narrative campaign or the still-secretive PVP content.

Given how much post-launch support Ghost Recon: Wildlands has seen over the last two years, gamers should expect to see a lot of post-launch support when it comes to raids in Breakpoint.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will release on October 4, 2019, on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.