The Kingdom of Corona is the Kingdom Hearts 3 world based on the fan favorite animated feature Tangled, and just like most other worlds in the game, it has some Lucky Emblems for players to hunt down. In total, there are nine Lucky Emblems for Kingdom Hearts 3 players to find in the Kingdom of Corona.

Most of the time, Donald or Goofy will point out when a Lucky Emblem is nearby, letting Kingdom Hearts 3 players know that they should start searching. Once players have managed to locate a Lucky Emblem, they can take a picture of it using their Gummiphone, in exchange for various rewards. If players are having trouble locating a particular Lucky Emblem, it also helps to equip the Gummiphone’s camera and start scanning the environment for the brackets that wrap around the Lucky Emblems.

  • Lucky Emblem #1 – Go to the top of Rapunzel’s tower and face south, toward the waterfall. Look down and take note of the three boulders that are grouped together next to the waterfall. If viewed from the right angle, these boulders form the shape of a Lucky Emblem, so snap a picture.
  • Lucky Emblem #2 – Head into the dark wooded area and hug the right side of the area to spot a small cliff that is slightly illuminated by sunlight. The Lucky Emblem will come in the form of the sun rays on the cliff.
  • Lucky Emblem #3 – Go to The Forest from The Kingdom bridge, and take the path to the right down to the beach. Follow the beach to the end and then take a left to follow the next path. This will lead up a long hill and through a flowery meadow. Keep going to find a save point and some rocks to step on. Go beyond them to find the edge of a cliff. Jump down and there should be a cave opening visible. Climb up the wall and through the cave opening to find some barrels, where the Lucky Emblem will be.
  • Lucky Emblem #4- Return to the flowery meadow and the tall hill from before, and slide down it. Follow the beach back up to The Kingdom’s bridge, and take note of the stone wall to the right of the bridge to find the next emblem.
  • Lucky Emblem #5 – Go into The Kingdom itself and on the left side of the archway that leads to the dancing mini-game area is the emblem.
  • Lucky Emblem #6 – Run past the dancing mini-game area and exit on the left side. There is a wooden gate here with two women standing in front of it. The emblem is on the left gate door.
  • Lucky Emblem #7 – Go to The Kingdom’s docks and take note of the first small stone tower here, closest to the bridge. Check the stones that make up the doorframe for the emblem.
  • Lucky Emblem #8 – From here, go toward the bridge but stay in the docks. On the other side of some stone stairs is a pile of barrels, boxes, and a wooden lid which make up the emblem.
  • Lucky Emblem #9 – The final Lucky Emblem is also at the docks. Go to the “lighthouse” of sorts and look in the firepit at the top of it to find it.

Finding all of the Lucky Emblems in Kingdom Hearts 3‘s Tangled level isn’t too hard if players know where to look, but of course, there are still many to find out in the world. And considering the fact that taking pictures of all the Lucky Emblems is necessary to get the Orichalcum+ needed to craft the Ultima Weapon, it’s well worth the effort.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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