There are a lot of reasons to take photos with the fancy new Gummi Phone in Kingdom Hearts 3, whether it be to grab a selfie with beloved Disney icons like Hercules and Rapunzel or to collect those elusive Lucky Emblems scattered throughout the worlds to unlock the secret movie. But another main reason to do so is for the various constellations that can be found in the Gummi Ship sections. While there aren’t as many of these as the Lucky Emblems, they can still be just as tricky to find and fans aiming to get every achievement/trophy in the game will need to snap pictures of all of them to unlock the Stargazer achievement.

Fortunately, that’s what this guide is for, which provides brief but concise instructions on where to find these glorified Square Enix cameos (which hopefully makes up for the noticeable lack of Final Fantasy characters in the game’s main story). Just make sure the constellation is at the right angle and clearly visible (indicated by the yellow border surrounding it) and snap away.

constellations photos

  • Bomb Constellation – Can be found directly to the right of Olympus. Just make sure not to trigger the prompt to enter the world.
  • Moogle Constellation – Can be found to the right of Toy Box. It’s quite a way away but just keep going right and it’ll appear.
  • Cactuar Constellation – Embark from Kingdom of Corona but then turn around and directly face it. There should be an asteroid field to the right with a green, glowing sphere. That sphere is part of the constellation so head into the field and it should be there somewhere.
  • Imp Constellation – Embark from Waypoint MST-01 in the Misty Stream zone and, after spawning, immediately make a hard right. Go through a canyon corridor, which leads to a much more open area. The constellation can be found to the bottom left of the massive rock.
  • Tonberry Constellation – Starting from where the Imp Constellation is, head right and follow the world boundary whilst looking upwards. This constellation should be found in between two rocks.
  • Endymion Constellation – Embark from The Caribbean and then turn around to face the skull. Look to the right and follow the world boundary and the constellation should soon appear.
  • Ultros Constellation – Embark from The Keyblade Graveyard and immediately look up. It may require some re-positioning to get the right angle but this constellation should be there.
  • Bismarck Constellation – This constellation can be found to the southwest-west from Waypoint ECL-01. Use the Zone Map as reference and, obviously, it can be found outside of the giant space station in the centre of the zone.
  • Omega Constellation – Following from the Bismarck Constellation, head southeast. This one can be found almost right at the edge of the zone. Again, consult the Zone Map if need be.

The achievement/trophy should be unlocked once the last photo’s been taken. Getting each constellation will also unlock a new Gummi Ship blueprint to build new ships shaped like the constellations.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is still jam-packed with other collectibles to find, but snapping a photo of all the constellations will help players make good progress to finding them all.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is available right now on PS4 and Xbox One.