It’s no secret that Anthem’s loot system has been a point of contention. While plenty of players feel that it is right where it should be, others would like to see developer BioWare make the game more generous. Apparently, one of those fans that hopes to see a boost to the loot system is Xbox Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra.

Following a session in Anthem, Ybarra shared an image of some loot with the caption, “Only took 10 hours to get one yellow today…” It’s the ellipsis that add an undertone to the message, suggesting that 10 hours is a bit too long before getting a legendary drop.

He could also be saying that 10 hours is not very long, but the replies to his tweet are filled with players sharing their own stories of dozens of hours before getting their first legendary, let alone a legendary.

Known for logging hundreds of hours on loot-based games like Destiny and Anthem, Ybarra is not shy about sharing his accomplishments and his opinions. Some might remember that he called some gamers “whiners” for their displeasure with the Tomb quest line in Anthem. However, here is seemingly taking a jab (albeit a subtle one) at BioWare.

Since the patch and the accidental loot buff went live over the weekend, BioWare wasn’t able to issue any formal responses, but BioWare’s head of live service Chad Robertson did say that the team is not satisfied with the loot system in its current iteration. Unfortunately, he also suggested it could be months before players see any sort of meaningful changes.

Plenty of players would simply like BioWare to turn the higher loot drop rate back on, but after two instances of it being turned back down that doesn’t seem likely. Perhaps once more Anthem developers get back into the office on Monday, they will outline some plans about how things might change in the future. Maybe Ybarra’s tweet will be that extra opinion that convinces BioWare to actually make a change.

Anthem is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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