Ready At Dawn‘s last foray into triple-A gaming, The Order: 1886, wasn’t exactly a striking success. Reviews of the game heaped praised upon its setting, but criticized the brevity of its story campaign. Nevertheless, the studio is reportedly gearing up for another shot at the big time, which could give it another chance to achieve the right balance between style and substance.

The information that Ready At Dawn is working on its next AAA game comes from the studio’s own job listings. In a post on the company’s official Twitter page, Ready At Dawn said that it is looking for “talented/passionate people to push the boundaries of tech, gameplay, art & storytelling in game development.” There are several positions open at the developer, including senior combat systems designer, senior engine programmer, lead artist, senior environment texture artist, and senior environment model and layout artist.

The positions will relate to Ready At Dawn’s work in both the virtual reality and AAA console game spaces. In the job listing for senior combat systems designer, the studio specifically states that the hired candidate would be working on a “third person action console title.” It will be the combat systems designer’s job to “work closely with other designers and other disciplines to imagine and plan the core combat and player weapon systems”.

The Order: 1886 was a third-person action title, and understandably, those who enjoyed the game will hope that these details are confirmation of Ready At Dawn working on a sequel. The developer has itself stated that it is interested in making The Order: 1886 2 and that it thinks that The Order IP does have a future. It’s unclear whether Ready At Dawn still believes that or whether the studio would just focus on a new IP entirely, but the comments did give The Order: 1886 fans some hope.

Another big question is who would be publishing Ready at Dawn‘s triple-A game and which console it will be available on. Amid recent speculation that Microsoft is going to buy another developer that has had a close relationship with PlayStation, many have wondered if Ready At Dawn was the company in this case. Also, if the studio is in the very early stages of development, it begs the question of whether or not the game could be released on next-generation consoles by the time it is complete. Hopefully, answers about these matters will be revealed soon.

Source: Ready At Dawn

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