About a couple of weeks ago, the video game publisher and developer Blizzard Entertainment officially announced it would be bringing yet another playable character to its first-person shooter, Overwatch, with the addition of Baptiste. Now, the studio has decided to provide fans of the multiplayer title with a better idea of exactly when they should expect the combat medic to make his way onto the game’s live servers.

According to Blizzard, Baptiste is set to arrive in Overwatch for all players beginning on March 19, 2019, which is going to be about a week from today. As of now, those who wish to give the character a go before he’s officially added can try him out in the first-person shooter’s Public Test Region (PTR). Of course, one shouldn’t expect him to play exactly the same way once he goes live for everyone, as Blizzard will likely incorporate several tweaks to his stats and abilities before taking him out of the PTR.

For those unaware, Baptiste is going to be the 30th playable character to be added to Overwatch since the title was officially released back in 2016. As a combat medic, Baptiste is set to serve as a support class in the multiplayer shooter.

Baptiste’s primary weapon is going to be the Biotic Launcher, and it is a burst-fire rifle that fires three rounds with each pull of the trigger. His secondary fire will act as a means to heal allies. What’s more is that he has the ability to jump a lot higher than other Overwatch characters due to having Exo Boots.

While it remains to be seen exactly how Overwatch‘s overall community will react to the way in which Baptiste plays in the game, it’s safe to presume the majority of fans are not only eager to try him out, but also glad to see Blizzard continue to provide such sumptuous support for the game by way of its new heroes. After all, it was just several months ago when Ashe entered the fray. So, perhaps Blizzard will keep the content train rolling with even more characters to come in the future.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.