Overwatch’s Workshop mode has finally left the PTR (Public Test Realm) and is available for all to try out. This means it’s been a busy week for the team-based first-person shooter, as the game has also added a number of Anniversary 2019 event legendary skins, but many may feel the need to check out this new game mode. After all, it gives a unique spin on how it is played.

Overwatch‘s workshop allows players to expand what has been done in custom games, as it allows for much greater control and leads to a much more unique experience. It allows players to change everything from character behaviors and weapons to camera perspective and complex tweaks. Custom links will allow creators to show their games modes, and here are the 5 Workshop game modes we think are best.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Overwatch

I made a super smash bros gamemode in workshop (code in comments). from Overwatch

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This mode takes a page from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and swaps the health pool with a damage number in Overwatch. The ultimate goal becomes to increase the number high enough that they eventually get knocked off the map, just like the aforementioned Nintendo fighting game.

Overwatch’s Flappy Pharrah

I made Flappy Bird in Overwatch – Introducing Flappy Pharah! [Workshop] from Overwatch

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Drawing inspiration from one of video games’ most surprising success stories, Flappy Pharrah allows Overwatch players to compete and flap toward the finish line in a style reminiscent of Flappy Bird or even try it out solo.

Overwatch Gun Game

Gungame mode, inspired from CSS Gungame (code in comments) from Overwatch

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Everyone is familiar with the classic Gun Game mode where players cycle through weapons by earning kills with them, and the winner is whoever gets the first kill with the final weapon wins. In Overwatch‘s Workshop, there is a mode where players cycle through heroes and have to earn kills like Gun Game to win. This unique twist on a classic may very well hope those who need to get good with a variety of hero types.

Overwatch Floor is Lava Parkour Mode

overwatch logo

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Set in Havana, this parkour map, likely inspired by Fortnite‘s creative parkour modes, has 10 different checkpoints players have to complete to win. However, each checkpoint replaces the character players are using, meaning that not only do players have to learn their way around the map, but they have to learn the movement of each character on the fly.

Overwatch UNO

[Workshop] UNO Update 2.0 | Over 50 new locations on 25 maps! from Overwatch

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This mode changes the standard gunplay of Overwatch into a card game of UNO. Players will gather around a table, draw seven cards, and try to go out before other players. It’s a unique spin that stands out as a good time in Overwatch.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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