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By Dr. Serkan Toto – On Japan's Game Industry


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Web 2.0 Expo in Tokyo: My opinion


Today, I took part in the Web 2.0 Expo in Shibuya, Tokyo (other locations include San Francisco and Berlin). Well, what can I say. It was full but not awfully good. Pros: – the event is well organized – the food is good – the people attending the Expo were really nice Cons:...

Review: Japan’s Uber-social network MIXI


I think we can all agree Facebook and Myspace are the world’s leading social networks. However, both sites play a negligible role here in Japan. Ususally only Japanese people having a lot of international friends are registered. Over here, there is only one social network that matters: Mixi...

Usage of Mobile TV in Japan on the rise


Nowadays, it is quite hard to get a cell phone in Japan without a TV tuner built in. The first phones able to make use of the Japan-only “1seg”-system (broadcasting of digital audio and video signals) came out as early as 2005 (!). Yesterday, Sharp -the king of the ring concerning TV...

Japan airs world’s first show recorded in Second Life


It is 1.30 AM in Japan now and I stayed awake to witness the world’s first TV show recorded in Second Life. Second Life is available in Japanese since summer and since that time registration from users from over here increased significantly. I personally don’t like the idea of being...

Yahoo makes a lot of money in Japan


Yesterday, Yahoo Japan (Japanese only) released a press release basically stating that earnings in this country skyrocketed from April to September 2007. According to Yahoo, sales went up 17,2 percent to 117,74 billion yen (compared to the same time frame in 2006). That is 1 billion USD (720...

Techcrunch Japan author’s opinion on CEATEC 2007


As blogged earlier, I met some authors from the Techcrunch empire at this year’s CEATEC, Asia’s biggest exhibition for IT and electronics. If you know Japanese, please read Japanese Web 2.0 guru Umihiko Namekawa’s san opinion about the show and our get-together with John Biggs...

By Dr. Serkan Toto – On Japan's Game Industry