The wasteland is open once again as id Software and Avalanche Studios launched Rage 2 earlier this week. As expected, the open world features plenty of unlockables and Easter eggs for players to track down including one that pokes a bit of fun at SpaceX and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk.

The shooter also brings back a popular 90s trend that has quickly fallen to the wayside in modern times. Players can unlock and activate cheat codes to use while playing, ranging from new announcer voices to one that essentially turns the player into one punch man. Bethesda already revealed one of the cheat codes back on April Fools Day, which sees Midway sports games and NBA Jam announcer Tim Kitzrow provide his classic lines while playing.

Here’s the full list of currently known cheats and how to unlock them in Rage 2.

Unlocking New Cheats

Outside of pre-order bonuses or deluxe versions of the game, the most surefire way to unlock new cheats in Rage 2 is to track down the friendly wasteland merchant known as Mangoo the Unborn. Unfortunately, that task is easier said than done as the Wasteland Wizard likes to travel around the expansive open world often. He can be found inside a small hut that is attached to three green balloons. He won’t have a traditional map marker like most things until players get very close to his current location.

rage 2 wasteland wizard

Here are some places to look for Mangoo in the three zones where he appears:

Broken Tract Zone

  • Northwest of the Eden Space Center.
  • On top of the ruins of an overpass bridge that leads to the space center.
  • Near the bandit camp known as The Edge.

Sekreto Wetlands

  • North of the Squelch Bandit Den.
  • South of the Desert Kindling Pit Stop along the area that borders the Broken Tract zone.
  • On a larger island in the swamp near the Dweller Mutie Nest and Canned Heat Ranger Echo.

The Wilds

  • East of the town of Dreadwood on an island in a shallow lake below the Abadon Sanctum.

rage 2 how to store and repair vehicles

Cheat Code Lists

Here is the current known list of available cheats in Rage 2:

  • He’s on Fire: This cheat activates announcer Tim Kitzrow commentate on your every move in his classic NBA Jam style.
  • Diamond Geezer: This activates Danny Dyer to narrate as you play.
  • Git Gud: Enemies are killed in 1 hit.
  • Son of Thor: Strikes the player with lightning which can be shot at enemies.
  • Klegg Support: Player can call in a friendly Klegg to assist in combat.
  • Phoenix Rejector Seat: When ejecting out of the vehicle, the car flies off into the sky instead of the player.
  • Progress Booster: Doubles all Feltrite collected for four hours.
  • Super Phoenix: Makes the Phoenix vehicle overpowered. Infinite ammo, no overheating, infinite boosting, and can’t take damage.
  • Super Overdrive: Boost Overdrive power.
  • Super Wingstick: Gives the Wingstick the power to track and kill enemies on its own once thrown.
  • Red Barrel Rain: Drops a cluster of red barrels in front of the player.

Be Warned

Once cheats have been unlocked, it’s worth noting that activating any of them besides the announcer packs will prevent any trophies/achievements from unlocking. Think of it as a safeguard against using cheats to help unlock some of the more tricky or challenging ones. Not only that, progress cannot be saved while the cheats are active. Thankfully, the cheats can be disabled from the Settings menu under options when the game is paused to resume progress. Alternatively, players can quit the game which deactivates all cheats automatically the next time the player loads up the game.

Rage 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: IGN

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