Elon Musk may make headlines for his roles as SpaceX and Tesla CEO, but he’s also a well-known avid gamer. He has joked about deleting battle royale title Fortnite forever, has called Twitter the Dark Souls of Social Media, and even hosted an episode of Meme Review with PewDiePie. Now, Avalanche Studios’ latest first-person shooter, Rage 2, features an Easter egg of the cultural icon.

Rage 2 players will eventually come across a secret bunker in the game’s wasteland, and exploring it will lead players to the Elon Musk Easter egg. In this bunker, players will be greeted by a voice named Elton Tusk, an obvious play-on-words of Musk’s real name. Tusk is also the CEO of a now-defunct company called Tusk Industries, and posters found around the bunker give detail into the type of research Tusk Industries participated in.

Space travel, eco-pods, and nanotrites are all things referenced by these posters, with at least the first being a clear connection to Musk’s company, SpaceX. Datapads also detail Tusk’s innovative technologies and, of course, his obscene wealth, with Tusk dubbed a “great science mogul.” However, it appears that everything doesn’t pan out well for the mogul in Rage 2‘s post-apocalyptic future.

As players explore the bunker, Tusk will toss insult after insult while also boasting about his own intellect. Tusk will tell robots to attack the player, but they are defunct. And when Rage 2 players finally come “face-to-face” with Tusk, they discover he is simply a brain in a jar. Considering that Rage 2 was one of the most anticipated games of 2019, tons of players will likely want to discover this Elon Musk Easter egg for themselves, so here’s the location of the secret bunker.

rage 2 elton tusk location

As players continue to explore the world of Rage 2, it remains to be seen what else will be discovered. It seems that some players are having difficulty with Rage 2‘s fast-travel, as not only do players need to be near a vehicle, but it doesn’t work as it supposed to from time to time. It seems likely that it will be either fixed or explained better soon, so perhaps that’ll help lead to the discovery of even more Easter eggs.

Rage 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: PC Gamer