Following Capcom’s reveal of the Resident Evil 2 remake during E3 2018, the publisher and developer officially declared that it would be bringing back some of the original game’s more obscure characters, with HUNK and Tofu having been confirmed for the upcoming release. Now, the company has decided to give fans a glimpse of what the two will look like with updated enhancements in the forthcoming survival-horror release by putting out a fresh cinematic trailer highlighting the two figures.

The majority of the latest footage released for the Resident Evil 2 remake focuses on various beats from the main story involving the co-protagonists Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, as well as the supporting cast of Ada Wong, Sherry Birkin, and more. Those who stick around to the end of the video will be able to get brief glances at both the Umbrella operative HUNK and the anthropomorphic bean curd known as Tofu exploring the sewers underneath Raccoon City.

For the uninitiated, Capcom‘s original Resident Evil 2 allowed players to unlock special modes called The Fourth Survivor and The Tofu Survivor by completing the game under certain conditions, with the former starring HUNK, and the latter being centered around Tofu. It remains to be seen as to whether or not similar stipulations will need to be met in the remake in order to unlock these modes, but thankfully, fans won’t have to wait too much longer to find out.

There’s just a little more than a couple of weeks left to go before the Resident Evil 2 remake launches, and Capcom has decided to throw fans a bone by releasing a “One-Shot” demo that affords players the chance to take on the role of Leon for 30 minutes in total. It’s worth noting, though, that once the timer runs out, the demo is officially over for good. With this being the case, those who decide to give the trial a go better make it count.

Resident Evil 2 is set to launch on January 25, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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