The Resident Evil 2 remake has been out for about half a month now, and while some players have already uncovered every single unlockable the game has to offer, there are those who were able to break the game’s boundaries and explore areas that are off-limits.

In a video posted by YouTuber Shesez, the gamer discovers a few interesting elements that can be found in the remake with the help of a custom mod that allows the camera to break the boundaries of the game. One of which is what seems to be a beta version of The Orphanage, which is a new location not found in the original RE2. This early version of The Orphanage isn’t textured, features a slightly different layout, and can be located directly behind the final build of the building.

Another exciting discovery that was uncovered by Shesez concerns the terrifying stalker-tyrant in the game, Mr. X. Venturing outside of the game’s boundaries confirms that Mr. X is actually roaming around the police station in pursuit of the player, but gets teleported at times during scripted scenes. Some players also discovered a few days ago that Capcom has placed two Mr. X’s in the game, after another streamer was able to encounter both tyrants at once.

Remember the cutscene where Leon attempts to rescue the police officer Elliot, who was trapped under a shutter? Peeking on the other side revealed that Elliot’s legs do come off, with a single zombie waiting for its queue to reach its hands for Elliot’s remaining body parts before the shutter is completely closed off. This shows the level of detail that Capcom poured into Resident Evil 2, even in areas and scenes that players most likely will never see.

The boundary break video also reveals what actually happens to character models during cutscenes when the camera isn’t pointing at them, how the in-game menus are rendered, and how elements such as rain were carefully placed in the game to make for an immersive, believable environment.

Resident Evil 2 is now available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.