Over the past few weeks, Capcom has consistently teased the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 2 with trailers and five new gameplay footages. Now that the game is only a few weeks away from release, most fans of the series are excited to get a hold of what could easily be Capcom’s most highly-anticipated remake to date.

While Capcom tried to introduce new elements in the remake such as a new location called The Orphanage, the studio still included some classic terrifying moments that is still as scary now as it did back in 1998. Before anything else, a fair warning to all readers that this article and the video posted below will contain minor spoilers, but won’t give away anything about the remake’s plot.

Biohazard Geek revealed in a YouTube video that aside from the indestructible Mr. X, the iconic jump scare located in the RPD’s interrogation room will also be retained in the remake of Resident Evil 2. As seen in the video posted below, the player enters an interrogation room as Claire Redfield to retrieve a key item. The room remains almost the same as the original, with a giant one-way mirror at one side. The scary part of it is knowing that something may be on the other side of the mirror, the player can’t see it, but it can see the player.

As Claire attempts to leave the room, a Licker blasts its way through the mirror, just as it did in the original Resident Evil 2. While the encounter will surely make any player jump off of their seat, it is interesting to see that due to the new over-the-shoulder camera angle, the impact of the jump scare may not be as effective as the original since players can easily miss it just by looking away. In the original, the fixed camera angle gives the game developers control over what players can see, which makes scenes like this one scarier.

Another interesting fact about this jump scare in Resident Evil 2 Remake is that it is the exact opposite of what Capcom did with another iconic jump scare in the remake of the original Resident Evil. In the remake, players anticipated that several zombie-dogs would be blasting their way through the windows of the long hallway in the east wing of the mansion. However, Capcom knew that players would expect the same jump-scare from the original, so instead, the studio made the windows crack a little bit as the player passes through, but no zombie-dogs broke into the mansion.

Now that Resident Evil 2 Remake is only a few weeks away, it seems that most fans are satisfied with what Capcom has shown so far. However, the biggest question as the game approaches its launch is, will Capcom release a demo of the game?

Resident Evil 2 releases on January 25, 2019, for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube – Biohazard Geek