The Pokemon franchise has found great success in mobile gaming recently. Pokemon GO, the game co-created by Niantic and Pokemon brand manager The Pokemon Company, has made more than $1 billion. Also, the recent release of Pokemon Quest took just one month to make $8 million in revenue, but it seems that The Pokemon Company is ready to build on this success even further.

This is evidenced in The Pokemon Company’s new job listing for a principal game designer. The listing explains that the hired candidate will be working on “an upcoming mobile game” alongside a team of other designers, engineers, artists, producers, and testers. Applicants should have five or more years of experience in designing mobile games, two or more years of experience as a principal game designer, and should also understand “the secret sauce to fun games” and can communicate this to the rest of the team.

Pokemon fans have already taken to social media to speculate on what this game may offer. A popular suggestion is a sequel to Pokemon GO. Niantic and The Pokemon Company have raked in the big bucks from the augmented reality game and some fans could see them releasing a follow-up. However, Niantic has only just introduced PvP trainer battles to the game, with fans having been asking for that feature since PoGO first launched back in 2016. As such, it may be a bit soon to start working on a direct followup.

A new Pokemon Quest is a possibility, introducing new regions, new shiny Pokemon to collect and even an entirely new generation of characters. Other Pokemon mobile spin-offs include strategy title Pokemon Duel, the Magikarp collectible game Magikarp Jump, as well as match-three game Pokemon Shuffle. Any of these could get sequels. Or, perhaps The Pokemon Company’s development team will come up with something entirely new.

Whatever this new Pokemon game may look like, fans shouldn’t expect it to be released or even announced any time soon. The job listing also states that the hired game designer will be working to establish the “ideal feature set” for the game and will be working with the director of gaming to “define/enforce the vision for this game.” Both of these responsibilities suggest that the game is in the very early stages of development and The Pokemon Company has yet to fully decide exactly what this new Pokemon mobile game will look like.

Source: LinkedIn (via Twitter – Wario64)